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The Office for Healthcare Workforce Analysis and Planning Data Brief - The Office for Healthcare Workforce Analysis and Planning has released an updated Data Brief (December, 2014) illustrating the rapid growth in the number of medical school graduates in South Carolina expected in the next few years and the relatively slow growth in the number of in-state program slots available for physicians just starting their residency training. This mismatch has consequences for our ability to retain physicians educated in South Carolina.TO READ MORE click here

Lawmaker will introduce legislation to support advanced nurses - According to the Charleston Post Courier, on December 8, 2014, "We still have a shortage of primary care physicians and this will be in the best interest of the health and welfare of the citizens of South Carolina," TO READ MORE click here

When Doctors and Nurses Work Together - Taking a cue from the airline and defense industries, the leaders of the hospital safety initiative trained their physician and nursing colleagues to communicate better, resolve conflict and work in teams. They created a computerized system for individuals to report anonymously events that might have caused harm to a patient or a visitor like a medication error, a fall or the spread of infection, and a patient safety committee to track and review those cases. TO READ MORE click here

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Pharmacists play an increasingly important role in our healthcare system. The traditional role of the pharmacist is expanding beyond the dispensary into a more active involvement in patient care as part of the health care team. Knowing the size and characteristics of the current pharmacist workforce in the state is valuable information for educators and policy makers concerned with ensuring an adequate supply of pharmacists for South Carolina. This report provides a detailed description of the pharmacist workforce in the state, as well as information about how it has been changing in recent years. It includes information about the number and type of pharmacists practicing in the state, their demographic characteristics, information about where and how much they practice, wages, and an estimate of the current balance between pharmacist supply and demand in South Carolina. To read the full report click the report cover above.

The Office for Healthcare Workforce Analysis and Planning (OHW) provides a central location for coordinating research into the supply and demand for different types of healthcare providers in our state, and ac ts as a central clearinghouse for research results. Producing the wide variety of healthcare providers needed in today's healthcare market can be costly and complex. Having a regular source of information about workforce supply and demand trends will he lp our policy makers, legislators, and educational systems make the best decisions about where to invest our resources. In turn, those decisions will help to ensure that South Carolina citizens have access to the healthcare services they need and want.

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Welcome to the Office for Healthcare Workforce Analysis and Planning. Here you will find information about the healthcare workforce in South Carolina. We will be posting the results of our research on a regular basis. If you are seeking information about a particular group of healthcare professionals and do not find what you need here, please contact our office.

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