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Use the buttons below to search this site for reports and other documents related to that occupational group. The order here reflects the size of each of these licensed provider groups in South Carolina.
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Webinar Series on Nursing in a Transforming Health System - The Center for Interdisciplinary Health Workforce Studies at Montana State University has recently completed a series of informative webinars focused how the work of nurses is changing. Transformations underway in our health systems both rely on nurses for effective implementation and create new roles and expectations for the nursing workforce. You can access recordings of these webinars online here

Lawmaker touts Cuban medical school as fix for rural doctor shortage - This story in the Post and Courier examines the medical student debt crisis. The Latin American Medical School in Cuba offers free tuition to international students who commit to practicing in a rural or under-served community in their own country after graduation. To read more click here

National nurse salary report - Medscape has released the results of its 2015 nurse compensation survey. Information is broken down by nurse education level and regional location. To see a summary of the results, click here

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Historically the GME training system has had many more entry-level positions available than there have been U.S. medical graduates to fill them. The same has been true in South Carolina until recently. Two new medical schools have opened in the state in recent years and the annual number of graduates has increased by 86% over 2010 levels. Many are asking if we need to expand the graduate medical education (GME) system in the state in response.

The policy brief reviews how many new graduates from South Carolina medical schools stay in state to complete their GME training, and also examines the percentage of GME slots for first-year students (PGY1 slots) in our South Carolina programs that are filled by South Carolina graduates.

The Office for Healthcare Workforce Analysis and Planning (OHW) provides a central location for coordinating research into the supply and demand for different types of healthcare providers in our state, and ac ts as a central clearinghouse for research results. Producing the wide variety of healthcare providers needed in today's healthcare market can be costly and complex. Having a regular source of information about workforce supply and demand trends will he lp our policy makers, legislators, and educational systems make the best decisions about where to invest our resources. In turn, those decisions will help to ensure that South Carolina citizens have access to the healthcare services they need and want.

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2/17/2010 - 2/18/2010 SC Chamber of Commerce 2016 Workforce Development Symposium - Columbia, SC

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Welcome to the Office for Healthcare Workforce Analysis and Planning. Here you will find information about the healthcare workforce in South Carolina. We will be posting the results of our research on a regular basis. If you are seeking information about a particular group of healthcare professionals and do not find what you need here, please contact our office.

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